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A fun way to message with your friends Snap video or photos using the split-screen interface, mix and match as you see fit. Then send to your friends.

We Are Mewzur

We Are Mewzur

Two brothers from rural California, building a dream.

We are Mewzur #Brothers #partnership

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Things will be changing very soon. We will be expanding testing of the app so Clayton and I won’t be so alone. Private Beta Signup request is open to anyone right now…here.

Pre alpha testing #testing #app

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Testing can’t come soon enough. Big things have been happening with development over the past few days. We threw out the playbook a few times and because of that, Mewzur is really taking shape. We just added a major game changing feature (we think it’s a lot of fun) but now we need to test it. More details to come.

Today, Mewzur is Clayton and myself. Tomorrow…more than the two of us.




Meetings and more meetings. Clayton and I are always having a meeting. There is just no distinction between chilling and meeting anymore. Our favorite thing to do is come up with ideas. We used to only think about our ideas and dream about making them come true. But five years ago we actually started doing something about it.

Meeting time. #creativespace #meeting

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Five years and many projects have come and gone. Today we are working on Mewzur, which is a chat app for iOS. We have multiple meetings a day about the project. We need the meetings for a few reasons:


We share a vision so we need to stay on the same page…always.


Motivation doesn’t last so you need to keep on top of it. Meetings are the perfect time to share something we learned and to encourage personal growth.


I’m doing this and you are doing that. We are both working toward a single goal but doing different things. We need to know what the other one is doing.


Writers block, frustrating problems or not knowing what to do next…These moments are the perfect opportunity to walk around and having a meeting. I think I just might do that right now…Need some ideas.

Big Ideas

Some meetings have nothing to do with current development or the short term. The bigger picture meetings are a lot of fun. We get to discuss the long term goals of Mewzur and how Mewzur fits in with certain emerging technologies.


We are passionate about Mewzur so we always want to talk about it. No one else really shares our passion so the only time we really get to talk about it is during a meeting.

We are always having a meeting #pinesbar #workinglate

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With all these meetings…when do we actually get work done? We’ll have a meeting about it and get back to you.